Blow Fish

Years ago the internet went wild over an independent crowd-funded documentary that eventually was being given away left and right on bundle sites. I believe it’s even on some streaming services now. It’s called “Indie Game the Movie.” With all the problematic things happening with the developers featured in that movie recently, I kind of want to talk about it.

A few months ago when a stupid Google employee argued that diversity was bad, Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid and The Witness, came out in defense of it.

This weekend Blow attacked a developer on Twitter out of left field. He seems to have some absurd views on how poor people are undeserving of universal healthcare and leeching off of social services.

To which the person who was the target of Blow’s ranting and raving asked to be unsubscribed from this mad man’s Ayn Rand-ish nonsense.

If you have ever played The Witness, you can tell that Blow is going through such an Ayn Rand phase of being obsessed with whatever philosophy book he can find with no real purpose, no solid views, and just arrogance.

So how did he get here? Are his rants particularly shocking?

I love watching passionate people talk about things they are passionate about. I could not care less about the Fast and the Furious franchise but god damn do I love asking people who do to tell me about it. It’s a fucking trip.

Indie Game the Movie is not that. Indie Game the Movie focuses primarily on two young white boys developing games: Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish. They go through a lot of white whine and spoiled brat arguments with their friends. Fish, creator of Fez, ultimately sues his friend and producer at one point so he can take his part of it and release his game.

It’s bad people behaving badly. These guys never had to worry about working a minimum wage job to make ends meet while making these games. I think it explains why these indie game developers behave like entitled spoiled brats.

As it turns out, anyone can make indie games as long as you are white and not particularly hard up for cash.